Year 3

Chicks – update

Lucy’s Grandma kindly offered to take some of the school chicks home she also asked if the children at St Mary’s would like to name the chicks. Each class got the opportunity to pick three names for the chicks. Then in assembly we had a raffle for the names. The names that were picked were Blueberry, Lucy, Gangster Granny, Patricia, Poppy and another one, (we forgot)



We went to our Year 4 Classes, Oak class went to Willow and Elm class went to Mulberry class. We did several activities, we had to put our favourite things in a silhouette of ourselves. We also did some writing about ourselves so our new teacher can know something more about us.

School Fete

The school fete was really really fun. Lots of people turned up including friends and family. Some people think the burger stand was the best others think the water fight was the best and still others thought he treasure map or the yucky dip was the best. Everyone loved the day. We all got really wet.