St Mary's SG7

St Mary's Church of England (VC) Junior School

‘Inspiring life-long learning within the love of God’




Our curriculum aims will be delivered through:

1) Providing pupils with appropriate experiences to develop as confident, informed, respectful and responsible citizens;

2) Providing a coherent, planned and structured academic curriculum that leads to sustained mastery for all and a greater depth of understanding for those who are capable.

1) Experiences

In order to provide pupils with appropriate experinece to develop as confident, informed, respectful and responsible citizens we have developed curriculum 'drivers' that shape our curriculum, bring about the aims and values of our school, and respond to the particular needs of the community and the children at St. Mary's.

2) A coherently planned academic curriculum

Underpinned by our school values (including British values), curriculum drivers, learning habits, our academic curriculum uses the National Curriculum as the basis for content and expectations. Curriculum overviews for each year group ensure each teacher has clarity as to what they will cover within key learning areas, with learning linked and building on the previous years’ learning.

The National Curriculum 2014 – Key Stage 2, Years 3 – 6

Our curriculum 'drivers' are:

Aspiration and Self-Belief


We want our children to be the best: to stand out, to dream big, and to lead successful, fulfilling lives.

We know that their journeys through life may not always run smoothly and there may be challenges to overcome along the way. We teach our children, first and foremost, to know themselves; to understand their thoughts and feelings, to solve problems, and to develop the resilience to bounce back from any setback.


Life Skills


For Example:

  • Online safety
  • Emotional and social awareness
  • Working with others well and collaboration
  • Cooking
  • Knowing how to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Swimming
  • First aid
  • Managing a budget and knowledge of money
  • Road safety, including cycling on roads
  • Self-care, including hygiene
  • Awareness of the environment
  • Residential trips to develop life skills away from home
  • The importance of manners


Health and Well-Being


Understanding and developing emotional and physical well-being. For example:

  • Dealing with anxiety/stress through mindfulness (techniques we learn that involve making a special effort to notice what's happening in the present moment, in your mind, body and surroundings)
  • Positive relationship building
  • Developing self-learning techniques
  • Developing a Growth Mind-set and resilience in life
  • Understanding of how regular exercise helps our mind and body stay healthy – daily mile


Developing Independent Learners


  • Learning that allows each child to develop the creativity they have within them
  • Setting goals, monitoring and evaluating their own academic development, so they can manage2)  their own motivation towards learning
  • Exploring and making discoveries
  • Embracing challenge at all levels
  • Developing communication that includes language focused on learning
  • Being reflective about their learning
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Curriculum Maps and Information

 Religious Education 2017-2022 Syllabus

Religious Education Syllabus 2017-2022


Long Term Planning 2020 - 2021


Year 3 Long Term Plan 2020-2021

Year 4 Long Term Plan 2020-2021

Year 5 Long Term Plan 2020-2021

Year 6 Long Term Plan 2020-2021

French Long Term Planning

Music Long Term Planning

Physical Education Long Term Planning


Long Term Planning 2019 - 2020

Year 3 Long Term Plan 2019-2020

Year 4 Long Term Plan 2019-2020

Year 5 Long Term Plan 2019-2020

Year 6 Long Term Plan 2019-2020

Art Long Term Planning

Computing Long Term Planning

Design & Technology Long Term Planning

French Long Term Planning

Geography Long Term Planning

History Long Term Planning

Music Long Term Planning

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PSHE Long Term Planning

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