St Mary's SG7

St Mary's Church of England (VC) Junior School

‘Inspiring life-long learning within the love of God’

Meet the Team

The Senior Leadership Team



Head Teacher - Samantha Britton


Assistant Head Teacher and Inclusion Manager - Esther Horner



Assistant Head Teacher and Phase Leader (Years 5 and 6) - Claire Simmons



Phase Leader (Years 3 and 4) - Anna Scammell





Business Manager - Hayley Duke


The Teaching Staff


Year 3




Adam White (Teacher) 

Joanne Seaton (Teaching Assistant)




Anna Scammall (Teacher and Phase Leader - Years 3/4) 

Jessica Dyson (Teaching Assistant)


Year 4




Deborah Carter / Leonie Hinchliff (Teachers) 

Kim Ware (Teaching Assistant)



Rose Boyle / Alex Laws (Teachers) 

Sara Shoobert (Teaching Assistant)

Sarah Giddings (Teaching Assistant 1:1)


Year 5




Jonathan Briggs (Teacher) 

Kate Wastell (Teaching Assistant)

Hiydn Gray (Teaching Assistant 1:1)



Kate Atkinson (Teacher)

Esther Horner (Teacher, Assistant Head and Inclusion Manager) 

Andrew Clark (Teaching Assistant)

Susan Johnson (HL Teaching Assistant)


Year 6




Jane Murphy (Teacher)

Haidee Castle (Teaching Assistant and Lead Mid-day Supervisory Assistant)



Claire Simmons (Teacher, Assistant Head and Phase Leader - (5/6)

Virginia Di Noia (Teacher) 

Nicky Turnbull (HL Teaching Assistant)

Mandy Linnell (Teaching Assistant 1:1)


Additional Staff


Scott Hagland (Teacher - Sport/PPA Cover) 

Laura Moran (Teacher - Music/PPA Cover) 

Donna Lincoln (Teacher - Year 6 Boosters) 

Helena Law (HL Teaching Assistant, Pastoral Support Lead)

Mandy Morton (Site Manager)