School Council

Through our school council elections we aim to teach the children about the democratic political process they will meet later in their lives when they have the opportunity to vote in a general election or a council election.

Children are nominated or put themselves forward as a candidate and then have to canvas votes by putting their ‘manifesto’ to the class saying why they would be a good representative of class ideas. On the day of election the children are given a polling card and have to make a choice from the list of nominees of one boy and one girl in their class (two boys and girls in Year 6 classes). This is done in polling booths in a secret ballot. The votes are then counted by the returning officer (Mrs Jenkins!) and the successful candidates are announced to the school. Their term of office is for one year, after which they may stand again if they wish to.


Mrs Murphy leads the school council with Year Six pupils taking the role of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Vice- Secretary and Treasurer. They represent opinion and ideas taken from class discussions about various aspects of school such as playground activities, charity fund raising, or as last term, contributing to such matters as the school mission statement.