Jousters Childcare



Many children come to club as it provides a safe fun environment for them to enjoy themselves with their friends whilst their parents are at work, others just because they want to be with their friends.

Jouster clubs are all based on site in the schools they serve.

After School Club

At the end of the school day the children can go directly to club and for a drink and snack whilst they decide what activity to do.


Each day different activities are planned for the children, such as: art and craft projects, sports, indoor and outdoor games, And most children will want to join in with these activities. However they do not have to. Also available is a range of play equipment to enjoy if they prefer, these include: construction toys, board games, quiet area, dressing-up, art and craft and sport/outdoor play equipment. They are supervised the whole time, free to take-part in both the adult lead activities and their own free-play.

Give Jousters a call…

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We also recommend you make a visit and see the club in action anytime! No need to make an appointment, just introduce yourself when you arrive. But feel free to call first to make an appointment if you prefer.

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