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Contact:    Emma Rowe – PTA Chair, St Mary’s Schools

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Thank you for exploring our webpage – as a new mum to the school, I know there is a lot of paper in bookbags and emails flying around, and you can lose track of what’s what!  So here I want to summarise what’s happening and when!

The ultimate aim of any PTA is to deliver additional funding to enhance the children’s experience of school.  There is never going to be enough money from central government and while we are fortunate to have a lovely site and grounds (with great outdoor equipment), both schools need additional funding to ensure our children have access to the very best – whether it’s refreshing “golden time” activities, purchasing first aid equipment or financing school trips; it all matters and I believe they deserve it.

Like all PTAs, we rely on the support and generosity of parents, teachers, school staff, volunteers and governors to make our events a success and I am very grateful to the many people who give up their time and/or money to support this PTA.  But I am looking for people to join our ranks; if you have a couple of hours to spare a month to help out or want to hear more, please get in touch with me directly or come along to our next get together.

Thank you for coming to this page. I look forward to meeting you all very soon.

Emma x

Emma Rowe
PTA Chair – St Mary’s Schools Baldock

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