E-Safety and Computing Guides

At St Mary’s we are passionate about technology while making sure the children understand it should be treated with respect and caution.

In this area we will post and information guides that we produce to help the children to develop appropriate internet footprints for future reference.

Instagram security and profile picture advice




On the computer:

How to send a message to a teacher on ClassDojo

A list of really useful shortcuts in Windows

Also available are some of the documentation that is produced to help with key areas of computing.

Microsoft word

To crop an image

Create a customised hyperlink to a document

School staff specific training materials

How to create a Clicker word bank

How to use the school cameras

How to print from the Ipad at St mary’s


Year 6 Wiki pages tutorials

Starting with WikiSpace

Adding a Discussion to a Wiki space page

Adding a File to a Wiki space page

Editing your Wiki page