ClassDojo Competition 2016

Over 250,000 students submitted their designs to the Monster Design Contest world wide!

See if your work was featured in the latest chapter of the Big Ideas series

Alex D., 2nd Grade

Winthrop Charter

Ana S. + Hannah M., 7th Grade

Mineola Middle

Chris W.

Westside Middle

David N., 7th Grade

Eagle College Prep

Elise K., 3rd Grade

Moorlands Elementary

Emma B., 3rd Grade

Atoka Elementary

Enrique Q., 4th Grade

Bent Elementary

Evan D., 6th Grade

Belgooly Central

Isabella O., Kindergarten

The Sage School

Isabelle S., 5th Grade

Marie Curie Elementary

Ivy R., 3rd Grade

Hamilton Elementary

Jada R., 2nd Grade

East Laurens Primary

Joshua C., 5th Grade

Longden Elementary

Judd C., Year 2

Kongorong Primary

Karl, 1st Grade

Charlotte Dunning Elementary

Lily G., 5th Grade

San Tan Elementary

M. Akif K., 4th Grade

Ozel Yuksel Sarikaya Ilkokulu

Although We were not featured this year we entered 24 different designs from a range of year groups. We thought we would celebrate two of them (one from upper and one from lower school). They will feature on our website for the year.
They are:

Ellie F., Year 3


St Mary’s School

Ellie Frankland.jpg

Daniel C., Year 5

St Mary’s School

Daniel Conn.jpg